For current or recent Azure clients, our Optimization Team reviews your existing set-up and makes clear and actionable recommendations to improve its performance, security, and affordability. Our suggestions are also based on Microsoft’s latest Best Practice guidance.


In addition to performance and cost optimization assessments, we also offer Azure assessments for optimizing storage and adding high availability.

Our optimization toolset involves both graphical and automated solutions that interact with Azure to:

Measure: Our internally developed dashboard is where it all starts. Aggregating a simple cost view with the recommendations across IaaS and PaaS resources, shows how much savings is possible in spending without business impact.

Snooze: Non-production servers need to be online only when employees are actively working on them.  We created a suite of on-demand and scheduled tools which allows you to turn off or de-allocate over 70 percent of the time, which is a direct 70 percent cost reduction.

ResizeAzure provides the ability to quickly change the size of a server with a simple reboot.  Dropping the size and cost of a virtual machine by more than half, at large scale, lets you to quickly use the flexibility of the cloud to recapture IT spending.

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